Sunday, November 03, 2019

Do the Hustle!

Call me Johnny Hustle.

That's the persona I adopt I when I seek out theaters online, write them a friendly and utterly charming query and send off one of my scripts to (hopefully) get added to one of their upcoming seasons. After five years into this, my success rate has been pretty decent for a one man band with four of my plays produced from end of the good ol' USA to the other. In addition, I've formed relationships with some terrific theater folk in that time that enriches the experience for me even further, actually giving me hope for the state of theater in this day and age. Of course, much of it involves the magic of networking, something else I am learning more about time goes by and has begun to pay off as this story unfolds.

I received an interesting message on my Facebook page (Written by Scott Cherney) over the summer from Michael K. Young who had appeared in a production of DEAD TUESDAY for StageCoach Theater Company in Virginia a few years back. He had written an interactive mystery of his own, also produced by StageCoach in 2018, and had no idea how promote it to other theaters like I have. he was wondering if I would represent his script as his agent on this matter. After reading his script, I decided to give it a go, kind of a side hustle as it were since I am still actively soliciting my own material. But after a couple of months, the hustle is on, baby! Mike's script is out there and theaters  are interested. Fingers are crossed-both mine and Mike's.

Cast of StageCoach Theater Co. production of The Case of the Mysterious Cravat

THE CASE OF THE MYSTERIOUS CRAVAT (An Inspector Giles Murder Mystery) is a play within a play. During the production of CRAVAT in which the intrepid Inspector Giles of the sub-title attempts to solve a murder during a lavish dinner party at a palatial English estate, one of the cast members is also slain. Now there are two murders to solve, but  the show must go on because, after all, that's showbiz! Mike came up with some great character names like Lord and Lady Bottomton, Murray DeMorte, Dame Dee Ceased and,my favorite, the French maid known as Fifi LaWowow. It's a funny, clever script, perfect for both professional and community theater groups alike, especially those with dinner theater venues.

Rights for Michael K. Young's THE CASE OF THE MYSTERIOUS CRAVAT are available. Royalties are $35 per performance. Script fees are completely waived so theater groups may copy as many as they require from a PDF after a signed contract.

For more info, contact me at

See? Told I was Johnny Hustle...or I should say, Johnny Side-Hustle.

In this case, there's nothing wrong from having a little something on the side.

Let's dance!

For more about Michael K, Young's script or my own, please visit my website:


Mel said...

Good Fellas! Networking is the key. Hopefully one day your show will be on the east coast-and I can afford a road trip to see your show!

UNKNOWN said...

Positive site, where did u come up with the information on this posting. side hustle for moms

Scott Cherney said...

To UNKNOWN: The information comes from too many hours on the internet. Thanks for the comment.