Sunday, August 30, 2020

The Canyon Kid Meets Cactus Jack Corona

Theatre Suburbia', rockin' the meme
Like the true blue western hero he is, The Canyon Kid rides into Houston, Texas to help the good folks of Theatre Suburbia battle against the meanest, orneriest desperado of them all-Cactus Jack Corona!

I've made no secret of the gratitude I feel about the success I've had in the past six years with my play writing with productions across the country. It's still bewildering to me that someone-ANYONE-would want to produce my work. This isn't false humility speaking and I'm not looking for platitudes, though if you have any, feel free to throw them in my direction.

With this here pandemic, things have ground to a halt. Theaters have closed their doors, auditoriums are empty, stages are collecting dust and theater folk are getting sick and tired of Charades. "It's HAMILTON already!"

I've wanted to give back to the theater community in some form or another to give thanks for what I've been able to achieve with their help. I wrote a post a couple of months back (CURTAIN CALLS) in an attempt to throw my support behind those who have produced my shows and theater in general.
But I wanted to do more.

About a month ago, Elvin Moriarty from Theatre Suburbia in Houston, Texas, contacted me to ask if I would allow them to show the filmed production of THE SONG OF THE CANYON KID on their website as a fund-raiser. Mine wouldn't be the only play, but it would be one of the first. Naturally, I said yes. (If I said no, that would be just wrong)

So starting this weekend, you can view the Theatre Suburbia production of SONG OF THE CANYON KID or POEM ON THE RANGE at:

Check out my show as well as Paulette MacDougall's SHARDS OF LOVE and please give them a donation in return. This 60 year old theater's survival is in the balance. Listen to my friend Elvin and President of the Board Elvin Moriarty's message and you'll see what I mean. Theatre Suburbia was cut off at the knees, only days away from their production of DADDY'S DYIN'...WHO'S GOT THE WILL? and in the middle of their relocation to a new facility. They need a break, that's for sure.

These are good people who have a passion for theater that transcends this virus. Help them get through this, won't you?

I thank you, Theatre Suburbia thanks you and The Canyon Kid thanks you.

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