Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Canyon Kid Rides into Cheyenne

It's official!

The Cheyenne Little Theatre Players  will present SONG OF THE LONE PRAIRIE or POEM ON THE RANGE will be presented on their stage this summer at the historic Atlas Theatre in Cheyenne, Wyoming. This production joins LA RUE'S RETURN at the Great American Melodrama in Oceano, CA and a brand spanking new murder mystery for Mel O'Drama Theater in Nashville, another coup for yours truly (with maybe another on the way...).

This marks the first time The Canyon Kid and Co. will trod the boards outside of California after its debut at the Place Showboat Theater back in the Jurassic period and the one-two punch of last year's show at the Great American and the Footlight Theatre Co. in Jamestown .

The word "historic" is more than just an adjective when speaking of the Atlas Theatre In Cheyenne. It was, in fact, listed on the National Register of Historic Places back in 1973. Read on, MacDuff.


And to make this even sweeter, this joint is apparently haunted too.

Shoot. I ain't fraid'a no ghosts.

Performances for SONG OF THE LONE PRAIRIE run from July 9-August 2. I jumped the gun and announced this before they did, but for more info (once they get it together), click on the link below. Hurry! Operators are standing by!


So today, Cheyenne....
Tomorrow....the world!
Now if I can only get into somewhere within driving distance, that would be nice too.


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